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Tips to improve customer interaction

By October 5, 2022No Comments

So we were reading up on this to ensure that we serve our users well and thought, why not share what we have learnt with insurance intermediaries!

Cause sharing is caring and caring is sharing

We understand that while the product is important, clients want to buy and be served by people they trust as well.

Especially when it comes to insurance.

Trust is important because not only do clients want peace of mind in terms of coverage, but also that same peace of mind when they need help.

While this is not something that can be done overnight, and we are learning as well, here are some tips that we find helpful and hope you will too!

Ask for and ACT on feedback

Some may find this daunting.

‘What if it becomes a complain session?’

‘What if i cannot do anything about it?’

We can totally empathise with this – these are the same worries we have.

However, we also understand that there is nothing more valuable to a product, service or salesperson than feedback; if taken onboard with the right mindset!

While there are many ways to do this, nothing beats 1:1 interaction if possible.

When the client takes the time to give you their feedback, be sure to set expectations and then walk the talk!

Actually, be super appreciative that they take the time to provide feedback – we are!

Not everything can be fulfilled, but if you are able to set expectations and then stick to whatever commitments, it really will go a long way.

Here at Surer, we try to consistently do this and then loop back to the customers on what we have done with their feedback.

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At the end of the day, you do not want to be seen as that salesperson who only appears when you need to sell something…

It is okay to be transparent

This is even more important if it is about a mistake or error.

The point is, if an issue really happened, make sure to 

  • explain the situation well 
  • apologise for it (or make amends where it make sense)
  • communicate how/when it will be resolved and make sure it will not happen again 

If it is something that takes time to fully resolve and the solution provided is a temporary fix, be clear on it as well.

This is not to make light of mistakes; definitely not a get-out-of-jail card to continue to make mistakes.

Honesty, in our opinion, is always the best policy (no pun intended!)

Delight your customers even when you don’t have to

A big element of delighting a client is when they least expect it. 

This does not always have to material, and in the form of gifts and discounts. 

You can add value in many ways that does not require huge investments or resources.

As a startup, we definitely do not have the luxury to lavish our users with gifts although we really want to! So… we try to provide further value by writing these articles or host monthly webinars!

Sometimes, something as simple as a thank you letter, text or email can go a long way in building goodwill as well.

Be conscientious

In other words, at least keep clients informed. 

The worst feeling as a client is to be left hanging.

And the worst impression to give a client is that you are leaving them hanging!

Even in cases where you are in the midst of solving your client’s issue or checking on something, if it is taking a little longer than you first mentioned…


If you know you will need a little time before you can even look at whatever issue they have reached out to you with…


If the issue has been resolved, do not assume the client is just sitting there checking at every instance. Let them know about it and…


Of course we are not suggesting that you go and be a spammer.

Go one step further even… if you know that there is a common question amongst your clients on policies they have purchased through you before, maybe consider proactively reaching out to other clients with similar policies and let them know the answer, even if they have yet to ask the question.

Show that you care

If you have been an avid reader of our articles thank you!, you will probably think this writer is playing some broken record.

But, this is SOOOOOO important it deserves to be called out over and over again.

Whatever we say on this point, if there’s one thing to remember, it would be to treat your clients like how you want to be treated if you were the client!

And… who would not want to deal with someone who cares right?

It does not have to be too complicated really.

Two things: say thank you and say sorry.

Thank your client in any situation that makes sense. Thank them for their patience if they are waiting on something. Thank them for understanding if there was an issue and they did not go ballistic. Thank them for their loyalty when they buy from you again. 

If unsure whether to say thank you or not, say it. Saying thank you never killed anyone anyways (not that we know of at least).

When there is an issue or something that causes displeasure, apologise. Something that could come across as minor to you might be causing your client tremendous duress. You do not always know what is going on with the client’s life or business, so err on the side of apologetic.

Saying sorry never killed anyone anyways also (once again, not that we know of at least)

Please do not see this to be demeaning.

Of course context is important and if the client is just pure nasty, do not forget that you have your rights too!

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