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Your Feedback, Our Features: August ‘22

By August 30, 2022No Comments

We powered through the month of August as we continue to build both big and small features to enhance Surer’s solution for our intermediary users.

Following up from the new version of Surer launched in May and feature upgrades in June and July the team gathered even more feedback on how we could iterate on our solutions, took them onboard and developed solutions accordingly!

Once again, many thanks to users who have been actively using Surer and providing us with feedback on how we can improve!

Feedback 1: Having done even more deals on the platform, I want to be able to get deeper insights on my business

‘I have been using Surer for many of my deals now. It will be helpful for me to understand the business that I am doing via Surer with some form of report creation tool…’

As intermediary users get more active on Surer, we recognise the need for some form of analytics tool that allows users to get an overview of their business and transactions done via Surer.

Feature: Business Analytics (Lite)

We know there can be a lot more done to this feature to provide more insights thus we are calling this a ‘Lite’ version! While iteration work is underway, here’s sharing what users can get out of their Business Analytics (Lite) feature.

Users will be able to get an overview of 3 key metrics:

  • Sales i.e. the premiums worth of policies that have been sold in the selected date range
  • Commission
  • Policies created

These metrics can be further broken down into two levels – by product type and Insurer – and available for downloading as an excel report!

Find out more about this feature >>>


Feedback 2: I want to create a proposal using my client’s previous policy details

‘I have many clients who have an existing policy – usually motor insurance. A lot of times, they come to me when it is time for renewals and want me to source for more competitive quotes. Details required to create the proposal are actually similar to their existing policies. It will be awesome if I can just upload their existing policies and have proposal fields be automatically populated!’ 

Given that General Insurance, as its name suggests, involves a broad spectrum of products and product lines, this was always going to be a huge undertaking.

Huge undertaking does not mean we ignore the feedback!

Feature: Policy Scanner

What we have done is to start with a specific product (which also reflects the biggest volume of transactions on Surer) – Motor Insurance – and build intelligence around our policy scanner for the purpose of Motor Insurance policies.

Users will notice a widget that allows them to upload a pdf version of the Motor Insurance policy in the proposal creation form for Motor Insurance. Once done, the system will identify and extract information relevant to the proposal form and automatically populate those fields!


Feedback 3: I need a faster way to create my insurers and underwriters to send proposals to

‘I am a financial adviser and my firm has tie-ups with multiple insurers and I work with multiple underwriters / BDs. I need a faster way to be able to set them all up in my profile.’ 

This feedback was very much appreciated – we had always assumed our intermediary users to be working with a rather small set of underwriters and did not cater for creating of such in a ‘bulk’ way.

Feature: Uploading excel spreadsheet to bulk create insurer and underwriters

Users will notice a new function where they can simply upload an excel spreadsheet and we automatically generate and include your insurers and underwriters into your profile.

We have provided a template spreadsheet that can be downloaded and used as well to save users time and potential for mistakes!


Feedback 4: I need to know more about other intermediaries on Surer before adding them to my Referral Circle

‘I think it will be very helpful if I can at least filter your entire database of intermediaries by their area of specialisation so I can include intermediaries of whom specialise in areas / product lines that differ from myself.’ 

This feedback actually had a further context – we were told that some intermediaries within larger firms or agencies may not know everyone that well. They want to work on Referrals with intermediaries within the same firms but sometimes find it difficult to do so.

Feature: Indicate ‘Area of Specialisation’ to boost chance of being included in other intermediaries’ Referral Circle

This is really just the beginning of how we envision helping intermediaries build up their profile on Surer for the purpose of collaboration and something big that we are working on that cannot be shared for now!

Intermediaries can now indicate their specialisation in their profile and show up when other intermediaries filter their search criteria when looking for someone to include for a Referral.

Our promise to our users is that we will never stop improving and enhancing Surer.

There will always be room for improvement and we intend to keep chipping away…

So, keep the feedback coming!

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