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Your Feedback, Our Features: Q1 2023

By April 11, 2023No Comments

The first quarter of 2023 has been an exciting one as we released multiple mega features to enhance Surer’s solution for our intermediary users!

The team frequently solicits for and gathers feedback; and we turn these feedback into features that can meaningfully solve pain points of intermediaries AND boost their insurance business!

Once again, many thanks to users who have been actively using Surer and providing us with feedback on how we can improve!

Feedback 1: I need help in building a stronger digital presence

‘I have no idea how best to build my website. Working with 3rd party vendors is stressful because I do not have technical knowledge. Using website builders like wix is also a little daunting for me…’

We have heard this feedback countless times and we were hard at work to build a feature where our intermediary users can build and launch their own personal website in minutes, regardless of tech-savviness.

This pain point has also been validated in surveys we have conducted. In one of such surveys, over 25% of insurance intermediaries surveyed indicated that getting leads via digital marketing as their top pain point.

Feature: Personal Website Builder

Following a limited beta release early in the year, we officially launched the Personal Website Builder feature to all our users at the end of Q1 2023. 

Insurance intermediaries can leverage the Personal Website Builder feature to build and launch their personal websites within minutes! 

The website will allow intermediaries to showcase their professional profile, achievements and most importantly, the insurance products that they distribute.

Clients can now access this website and create insurance proposals or make purchases directly as well.

Find out more about this feature >>>

Feedback 2: I want a way to collect leads more efficiently

‘Having a website is one thing, being able to collect leads and then seamlessly turning their requests into insurance proposals is another.’ 

As part of the release along with the above mentioned Personal Website Builder, intermediary users can now seamlessly collect leads via their website launched from the Personal Website Builder and turn them into insurance proposals.

Feature: Leads to Proposal

Check out the video above to see how potential customers who have landed on your website can submit a request and how you can collect them as leads before turning them into proposals!

Feedback 3: More security when we share quotes with clients

‘I have been sharing quotes with customers via Surer – however, i think my client would be more assured if there was an added layer of security where only they can access the quote.’ 

Security has always been top of mind for the team here at Surer. We took this feedback onboard and added password access to all quotes that are being shared with clients.

Feature: Password access to view quote

As per the image above, all clients who have received a quote via Sure will now be required to key in a password to view the quote.

We have gone one step further to enhance our security in general by obtaining the CSA Cyber Essentials mark as well! 

Our promise to our users is that we will never stop improving and enhancing Surer.

There will always be room for improvement and we intend to keep chipping away…

So, keep the feedback coming!

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