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Survey: Understanding Insurance Intermediaries to provide better service

By October 25, 2022No Comments

As the team continues to create even more awesome solutions for the different intermediaries and their workflows in relation to General Insurance and Insurers, we would like to conduct a quick survey to hear your thoughts as well!

This survey seeks to understand insurance intermediaries and your perception towards General Insurance. This is regardless of whether you are currently actively selling General Insurance related products or not.


$100 CASH for one lucky winner

To show our appreciation, all participants* of the survey would be eligible to be part of a lucky draw^ where one participant would be selected to win $100 in cash!

*Only licensed insurance intermediaries with a valid accreditation number are eligible for the lucky draw. Each participant will only be be eligible to one chance at the lucky draw regardless of the number of entries submitted.
^This survey is opened for submission between 26 October ’22, 0000hrs to 2 November ’22, 2359hrs. All submissions before or after this period will not be considered for the lucky draw.

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